Madiba&Nature is a nonprofit organisation using environmental education to change people’s attitudes and bad habits about plastic waste and raise environmental awareness.


Tour Highlights:

  • Visit fishing communities on the beautiful Kribi coast while supporting the research and development of local sustainable fishing initiatives.
  • Enjoy fresh grilled seafood on the beach and taste local specialties.
  • Travel by traditional pirogue to waterfalls and pristine beaches.
  • Tour Participants 1 to 15
  • Difficulty Medium (2-5 miles/ 3-8 km walking distance, some physical effort)


Tour Start Address:

Kribi City, Southern Region, Kribi, Cameroon


More About Madiba&Nature.



  • To conserve nature and promote a circular economy and zero-waste lifestyle.


Main Programs

  • Research and development on recycling plastic waste
  • Promoting ecotourism
  • Environmental education and training in social entrepreneurialism
2 days
  • Destination

  • Departure

    Kribi, Cameroon

Day 1: Kribi Ecowalk

Discover the fishing village of Londji and its surroundings. Start your adventure with a walk along the beach towards a beautiful mangrove sanctuary, seeing the famous rock Amadou Ahidjo on the way. Then, experience the coast of Kribi in all its splendor on a panoramic ecoboat (an eco-friendly pirogue made from recycled plastic waste) ride, or a swim in the Bay of Londji.


With a local guide, travel by pirogue - or motorized pirogue for the more adventures - towards the fishing camps at the mouths of the Lokoundje and Nyong Rivers. Discover the pristine beaches, fishing arts, and incredible biodiversity of coastal and marine ecosystems.


For dinner, enjoy a variety of fresh and smoked fish, shrimp, oysters, and other seafood grilled on the beach. Taste delicious local specialties like mabangs (dried, spicy fish), local sauces like Ebandjéa (fish cooked with lemon and chilli), and traditional Londji broth (seasonal seafood broth).

Day 2: Ebodje Sea Turtle Village

Travel by car or motorbike to the village of Ebodje and discover the famous turtle rock. Walk along the beach and visit the museum of marine species. Meet members of the local fishing community and learn about the daily life and history of this village. Visit Tubé A Wu and discover the local marine coastal project on sea turtle conservation before returning to Kribi.


Before saying goodbye, enjoy a tasting of fresh juices and coconut fruit, and later a snack of shrimp on the beach. Visit the port and take a ride in a traditional pirogue to see two beautiful waterfalls before ending your excursion.

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Madiba & Nature

Our Story:
DIY (Do It Yourself) made in Africa-Cameroon
We offer free training and courses for volunteers who's deserve learn how to make thinks themselves.
We offer and participate to open workshops in order to share our knowledge and experiences to local communities, States and entreprises.
We want to contribute to build a biggest generation of DIY's, Recyclers, Reusers in order to promote the conservation of nature and the diversification of business opportunities into the green sector.
In the development of an ecological model of recycling and recovery of plastic bottles by building infrastructures (pirogues, buckaroos, chandeliers, garbage bins).
Our experience with the world through mini-courses on the recycling of plastic waste into useful objects such as plastic canoes, furniture, decorative objects, or eco houses. We also assist individuals, communities, associations, companies or states in promoting the principles of the circular economy to ensure the sustainability of systems and build a greener world.
Good to know:
And say that organisations that put in place serious and innovative systems to best recycle plastic waste are not supported but rather to pay taxes and approvals that make no sense in a context of international emergency. The resilience of vulnerable communities in Cameroon also includes small jobs created around the circular economy such as not advocating Madiba & Nature.