Get out and enjoy your vacation in Tanzania the way it was meant to be experienced – in nature! Tanzania is home to Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Zanzibar and much more.


Yao Safaris offer a culturally rich experience with activities that include unique adventures with the people, the land and the wildlife of Tanzania.


With the uniting of Tanganyika and the Island of Zanzibar in 1963, the Republic of Tanzania was formed. Tanzania is one of the most popular countries of the African continent. It was formerly a colony of German East Africa from 1886 to 1919, and subsequently a British mandate until independence in 1961. Prior to independence, there were over 120 native languages spoken, but with independence, Kiswahili, which was originally a native language of Tanzania, was chosen as the National language. With its wealth of natural resources, wildlife and friendly and humble people, this is a country where you will have an unforgettable stay.



Kilimanjaro, at 5895m above sea level, is the tallest free-standing mountain and the most accessible high summit in the world – the ‘roof of Africa’.


Serengeti National Park, these ‘endless plains ‘ are in the middle of nowhere where wildlife thrive on an abundance of nature.


Ngorongoro Conservation. The caldera with the image of Eden ‘ where wildlife shares the land and live in harmony with the nature-loving Maasai people.


Enjoy Zanzibar ‘The Spice island.’ Discover all this island has to offer, from historical Stone Town to the endless white beaches. This is truly paradise, on the Indian Ocean.


The Great Migrations Circle




KARIBU SANA  (You are welcome)


Clean Travel believes that our innovative approach to tourism has the power to revitalise communities and provide financial security for its inhabitants. Find out more about Clean Travel here.

9 days

Transport/All park fees/Professional English speaking driver guide/All accommodations fees/ all government taxes

Flight tickets/Extra Personal needs/Visas fees

Yao Safaris

Yao Safaris Ltd is a locally owned safari company in Tanzania. Registered under section 15- No- 129728 with BRELA (Business Registration and Licensing Agency in Tanzania).

As ambassadors, representing our country we seek to passionately serve all visitors. We have worked in the Tanzanian tourist industry since 2000 running mountain treks and various types of safaris in Tanzania.

Yao, the founder, is also one of the most qualified wilderness leaders in the country and hold a Diploma in wilderness skills from NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School)

How we support our community

Yao Safaris sharing part of the profit to help Maasai pastoralists around our village in Simanjiro, in particular, we help with health, Water and education issues.

Our biggest desire is to help local girls and boys who have shown dedication at primary school but have no financial means to go further to high school.

So coming to Yao Safaris not only you will be enjoying our beautiful country, but also you will be contributing to this project which is so dear to us.