Adventure & Spirit

Adventure and Spirit is a tour company based in Bali focusing on canyoning and the outdoors. Since 2009, Adventure and Spirit is Bali’s Canyoning Team & Indonesia’s leaders in canyoning tours, exploration and training courses.


We have a Canyoning Code of Ethics in which we follow very closely. This includes client safety, respect for the natural environment, respect of the culture of the communities we encounter, well-being of our employees, clients and communities and we actively pursue alternatives that reduce waste and preserve the environment.


Environmental Responsibility Actions

In partnership with our local suppliers, we are only serving vegetarian/vegan meals to clients who participate on our tours as we aim to reduce the impacts of farming of animals, fresh water consumption, pollution of waterways, deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.


We have stopped providing disposable plastic water bottles for clients in an effort to reduce the use of single use plastic. Instead we offer our clients free and unlimited mineral water refills at our Base Camp. Clients are supplied with a returnable water bottle of which they may choose to purchase for themselves. Alternatively we encourage clients can bring their own refillable water bottle (as long as it is not made of glass). As a result, this initiative represents 4,000 less plastic bottles in the environment per year.


Currently, we are looking into other initiatives that will increase awareness of the local communities about waste reduction and management.



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