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FNQ Nature Tours was established in 2015. Owner operator James spent 10 years guiding nature and wildlife safaris in northern Australia, inspired by his home in the tropics, he established these tours specifically to benefit true nature lovers.

We provide premier wildlife encounters in Far North Queensland, based out of Cairns.


Far North Queensland is a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise! Our small group tours explore the rainforest habitat, concentrating on the endemic wildlife found within.


We have a firm belief that tourism is the key to the protection and conservation of this World Heritage area.


Our passionate and knowledgeable guides are eager to share the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area with you.


Allow us to take you on a journey of a lifetime!


James – Owner


Who are you

Our day tours are very suitable for nature-minded travellers and those who prefer a more personal, educational and interactive experience of the Wet Tropics region.

All of our tours are fashioned in local wilderness areas as opposed to captive wildlife sanctuaries or zoos.

Due to our small groups and hidden locations, we don't need to travel far, this way we spend more time enjoying the beautiful National Parks.

The Real Deal

For those travellers with a primary desire to engage with local wildlife in the wild, we encourage our exclusive and overnight experiences.

Far North Queensland boasts a beautiful tropical climate in which our native wildlife are well adapted too. Overnight tours allow us the privilege of spending time with Crepuscular and Nocturnal wildlife to add to the overall quality of our observations.


Morning tea and lunch are provided on all of our day tours.

We visit exclusive and exotic locations to experience the local flavours of the region. Premium meals with sides of fresh fruit, seafood and sometimes amazing desserts!

Catering for special diets is no problem and we're here to make it simple. Relax, your dietary needs are in the best of hands. We'll be happy to suggest alternative menu options and individual food selections that are suitable.

Wildlife Rescue

As our way of contributing to the local community, we are heavily involved with FNQ Wildlife Rescue. Check out some of our blogs or ask your guide about some of the rescues we've experienced during your tour!

FNQ Nature Tours

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