Koomal Dreaming Cultural Tours

Based in Dunsborough, WA, Koomal Dreaming provides an opportunity for visitors to experience Wadandi country through the eyes of the traditional owners.


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Guests have the opportunity to taste native foods, learn about bush medicine, and meet the animals, plants and Dreaming spirits that have enriched the lives of Wadandi people since time began.


“Koomal” is the traditional name of Wadandi man Josh Whiteland.


Passionate, learned and spiritually aware, Josh has a personal commitment to sharing his deep knowledge of his culture and lore with visitors. He created Koomal Dreaming so he could communicate at least part of his profound connection with his land and his people with guests from around Australia and the world.


The Wadandi “forest people by the sea’ live within the ‘Cape to Cape’ ‘Warren Blackwood’ region. They maintain an intricate system and way of life living by the six seasonal rotation and have done so for over 50,000 years.


Learning to live by these seasons Josh developed a passion for foraging, hunting and cooking.


Cape Cultural Tours create a deep connection and lasting memories through Aboriginal interpretive experiences along the spectacular capes and coastlines of the Margaret River Region.


Enter the Boodja (country) of the Wadandi people through their eyes and learn about the Noongar seasons and the encircling connections with the rivers, the seas, the animals, fish and plants.


Move along the breathtaking Cape to Cape track gathering a deeper appreciation of the ecology, how it relates to the surrounding oceans and headlands, and why the past is ever present to the land’s traditional custodians.


Based at Cape Naturaliste, Margaret River, Western Australia, the indigenous-owned business is the sister company of award-winning Koomal Dreaming.

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