Tropical Treks

Unplug and Reconnect With Nature. with Tropical Treks Guided Bushwalks and Birdwatch.



Escape to fresh Noosa country air, towering forests, refreshing Sunshine Coast Hinterland streams and waterfalls and mountain summits for views of Australia's Nature Coast as far as the eyes can see.


We are specialists in small group, personalised guided bushwalking, birdwatching and wildlife experiences.


We are dedicated to the preservation of the Wilderness and passionate about Australia. Steve Grainger provides interpretive sensory adventures in some of the most beautiful forests and parks that are off the beaten track.


You will discover wildlife, endemic plants & animals, the little beauties in nature so often overlooked.


Notice your senses fine-tuning to the scintillating calls of the Bell Miner, the scent of a Eucalypt forest, the texture of the earth underfoot or a rough Bunya pine tree, see a shy red-legged pademelon under a rainforest canopy or a water dragon scurrying to a creek.

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