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The perfect tour sales strategy

Online, you have a few milliseconds to make the right first impression, has your sales strategy been built around that? There isn’t one magic trick to increase sales, but we do know which things you should put your focus on to see a natural increase in sales.


What’s everything about? A good balance between attractive tours and top-notch customer experience! Getting to know how your clients behave is a critical part of your sales strategy.


Quick Facts

  • Up to 80% of customers prefer to self-serve to get the information that they’re looking for.
  • 26% of travel searches occur on a mobile device.
  • About 60% of U.S. travellers would consider an impulse trip based on a good hotel or flight deal.
  • Once again, you have less than 10 seconds to grab someone’s attention!


Yes, there might be lots of strong competitors, but there still are new travel operator business opening up as you’re reading this article. Usually, increasing sales is the number one focus of any travel agency manager.


Taking the previously mentioned facts in mind, we’ve put together a few important factors you should consider adding to your sales strategy as a tour operator. The following tips keep the customer as the main priority, make your business build a good reputation online, and, ultimately, increase your tour sales.

Increase your online presence

First things first: Find where your potential customers are looking for information online and make sure your business is there as well. Search engine optimisation takes a significant role in having a substantial online presence too. The goal here is to have people mention your business in more than a single place during their research.

Highlight the benefits of the tours you offer

At this stage, you’ll want to point out what makes your services and products unique. Testimonials have an essential role in marketing; asking for testimonials from satisfied customers is also a powerful tool that could boost your sales.


Interact with your target audience on Social Media

From user-generated content to tour giveaways, the social media accounts of your tour operator business should add value to consumers lives. Most people use social media for their entertainment by connecting with friends and socialising, with this in mind. You should make it fun, be easy to find, and stay responsive.


Provide a complete, unforgettable experience

A great way to improve revenue is by upselling your products. Here’s an important thing you should remember: More options don’t necessarily mean that there will be an increase in the chances of a sale.


The solution to this? Try not to overwhelm customers by keeping things simple! Then, take the time to find out what your clients want, track and manage the special offers you could offer them.


Get reliable online booking software.

As a tour operator business owner, having an online booking system is a necessity, especially in modern times. You’ll want potential visitors to have freedom and book a tour anytime they want. You can also maximise sales by not being limited to your working hours.


Create valuable content

Last but not least, an essential element for generating traffic to your website is by including a blog and adding useful content. The best part is that you’ll demonstrate insider knowledge about destinations, build credibility among the community and attract potential customers.


Pro-tip: Make the best out of your efforts by promoting your blog posts on Social Media and repurposing your content.

Ready to improve your tour sales strategy?

Marketing your tour operator business might be a little overwhelming, but following the right tips will make the entire process much more manageable and will help you see an organic growth thanks to your efforts. Now that you know the most critical factors your sales strategy should have, which one will you be implementing first?

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