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Our Vision

Our Vision

The choice before us is not what kind of world we’ll have in the ten years, but what kind of world will we have in the next hundred?


Imagine if you will, for a moment, a world where local communities have financial security and control of their destiny.


Imagine a world where they have the opportunity to rekindle ancient traditions and celebrate their uniqueness.


Imagine a culture that values respectful, ethical travel that strengthens the communities it touches, rather than undermines them.


Imagine a world where travellers enjoy an adventure while also providing genuine support to the local people, economy or environment.


Imagine a world where ethical (clean) travel is THE way to travel.


Well, we believe that it’s time to stop imagining.


We call on you to join us in this movement, to join us in making this bold imagination a reality.


We are Clean Travel, and we invite you to Live The World with us.

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Cultural Rural Engal Meghalaya India Clean Travel Cover

Cultural Tour Of Bengal

12 days
From: $1,100
Nagarkot Kathmandu Valley Trekking Hike Walk

Nagarkot Himalayan Panorama Kathmandu Valley Hike

2 days
From: $75
Seti River Rafting Clean Travel Cover

Seti River Rafting and Kayaking Nepal

2 days
From: $130
Bhutan Birds Clean Travel 1

Bhutan Birds and Heritage

10 days
From: $2,400
Mount Kailash Tibet Clean Travel 1

Mount Kailash and Tibet

19 days
From: $5,800
Tribal and Rural NE India Cover 2

Tribal Experience in North East India

12 days
From: $1,450
Kumon Valley Clean Travel Cover 2

Tour of Kumaon valley in Himalayas

8 days
From: $850

Round Island Transfer

1 day
From: $36
Rural and Cultural Tour of Spiti Clean Travel 2

Cultural Tour Of Spiti Valley

9 days
From: $950
Spiti Valley Clean Travel Cover 2

Himalayan Tour Of Spiti Valley

12 days
From: $1,150
Golden Triangle Clean Travel Cover

Golden Triangle Tour In India

8 days
From: $850
Cultural Rural Rajasthan India Clean Travel Cover 1

Cultural Tour Of Rajasthan, India

10 days
From: $1,000